As “The Good Wife” goes on hiatus before season 6, spoilers regarding the status of its illustrious cast have surfaced.

After the exciting and somewhat traumstic season 5, “The Good Wife” executive producers Robert and Michelle King promise that season 6 will be just as exciting. One way they are going to do that, according to spoilers by E! Online, is to have Matthew Goode stay with the cast.

“We love what he’s doing. What’s nice is he’s a very different color to have on the show,” said Robert King. “It’s almost like a feature-like pacing in his acting…You’re very aware of it. You’re aware of these off-beat pauses that he brings to it. It’s very theatrical and very not Josh Charles, which is good too, so it doesn’t feel like we’re copying things.”

Another exciting change in “The Good Wife” season 6 is that Diane will join Florrick/Agos.

“Where we’re kind of heading is toward her taking on some of the characteristics of Will. In many ways, she didn’t have to be the tough fighter because she had Will. Without Will, she’s taking on some of his characteristics,” added Robert King.

Spoilers also confirm that Kalinda will go with Diane, which could possibly bring back the much-missed rekindling of Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship.

“The relationship between those two is just too pure and too great not to continue,” agreed Robert, regarding Diane and Kalinda leaving together.

Spoilers also confirm that “The Good Wife” season 6 will see the fallout of Cary and Kalinda’s rupture in their relationship.

“It’s too interesting to see how Cary, who thinks he’s disrespected by Kalinda and Kalinda now thinks Cary is pushing things in an odd direction with her, how they’re either going to make up or get worse,” said Robert King


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