You can find Matthew’s TV and other media interviews here.  Press and Magazine interviews are in the Press Archive.  You will also find adverts and promotions that Matthew has filmed in this section.


Awards Daily You Tube – 15 minute interview with Matthew Goode about ‘The Offer’.  28th April 2022

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‘The Offer’ promotion – Entertainment Weekly You Tube – 27th April 2022

Matthew is in this one 3 times so watch through to the end.


‘The Offer’ promotion – TV Fanatic – 27th April 2022


Matthew is asked “What acting advice would you give yourself when you were 20 yrs old?” – Serienytt – You Tube – Posted 24th April 2022


Jonatan Blomberg [Moviezine] interviewing Matthew Goode about ‘The Offer’ – Posted 23rd April 2022

? Jonatan Blomberg [Moviezine] You Tube


Matthew Goode and Burn Gorman interviewed by Vegas Film Critic – 22nd April 2022

?Vegas Film Critic You Tube


Matthew interviewed on ‘The Offer’ premiere red carpet.  ExtraTV – 21st April 2022

? ExtraTV You Tube


Matthew Goode arriving at ‘The Offer’ premiere – Paramount Instastory – 21st April 2022

? Paramount Instastory


Paramount + ‘The Offer – Featurette including Matthew Goode comments and clips – 16th April 2022

? Rotten Tomatoes TV You Tube


Sky Feature on Season 3 – 7th January 2022

? Sky TV You Tube


TIFF Cast/Production Q & A – 16th September 2021


Sky Cast featurettes for A Discovery of Witches 2 – x 3

MTV Interview with Matthew and teresa Palmer about A Discovery of witches Season 2 – Jan 2021


All The Times Matthew Clairmont Flirted With The Camera – Sky – Jan 2021


Fundraising Event for Jenny Rowbory – 29th November 2020

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Matthew appears at:-

  • Approx. 59 mins to read a chapter from ‘The Wind in the Willows’
  • Approx. 2 hours 13 mins to read ‘The Night before Christmas’ poem.


A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Recap – Sky – Jan 2021

Comic Con Panel Appearance – October 2020

Bow Street Academy session for actors in training – May 2020



Interview with Greg Kinnear at the Dunhill Links golf tournament posted 1st October 2019


Life in the Pink – advert/promotion for Pink Shirtmaker. September 2019


Hyundai TV Advert  July 2019

Thanks to @hedwigsaardvark on tumblr for finding this.



Offset 10th October 2018


Which Witch?  Heat Magazine quiz Matthew and Teresa Palmer


Empire Podcast including Matthew and Teresa Palmer

They join the podcast at about 57 minutes.


Golf Channel – Matthew interviewed at the Dunhill Links 6th October 2018


MTV 13th September 2018


Steve Wright in Afternoon – 13th September 2018



This Morning – 13th September 2018



Buildseries Interview with Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer – 5th September 2018

The video starts at 13 minutes in so scroll through!


Chris Evans Show on Radio 2 – 22 April 2016

Image result for matthew goode + chris evans

Downton Abbey – Cast Feature about Henry Talbot – January 2016


Diadora Heritage (January 2016) –

Transcript of some of the questions from di-elle on Tumblr

He starts by congratulating the journos about their style, LOL.

MG: Lovely jacket!

Lovely style!

MG: I’ll tell my wife, she did everything, she has great taste… although today it seems everything is a little too tight. I mean, I am not a teenager anymore!

Does she usually choose your outfits?

MG: No, but she gave them to me at Christmas: I’ve opened the wardrobe and I said: hell, my clothes suck! So she took care of it.

Shouldn’t actors have wardrobes full of clothes?

MG: The big names do! Michael Fassbender probably has an incredible wardrobe.

I know that you love Italy, and you spent last summer in our country to shoot the documentary The Wine Show. What do you think of Italian style?

MG: Italian men are always dressed so elegantly, always. Being in Italy intimidates me a little from this point of view. I can’t always be that perfect. But I have three children. I blame them for this.

That’s not fair!

MG: I must. Because I tried to wear a Borsalino at home, but they made me remove it immediately.

Tom Ford directed you in A Single Man. What did you learn from this great stylist?

MG: A delightful man. Always with impeccable jackets worn on shirt with an open collar. He has a great talent, he will get ahead as a director.

How much can a costume help an actor to play a role?

MG: It depends on the role.

For your role in Downton Abbey, for example?

MG: I almost always wear a shirt with a high, stiff collar, which forces me to always keep the same position of the body. In this case, yes, it helps. There are actors that start from their shoes to build up the role … well, it’s not always the case

Which item of your wardrobe you would never give up?

MG: My pyjamas: it’s cold in England!

But your (female) fans will be disappointed: pyjamas are not very sexy …

MG: I’ve used pyjamas a lot of times in my life and I have three children. On the contrary, maybe pyjamas are too sexy!