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I have started adding captures to the gallery at last.  Episodes 1 & 2 of Dancing on the Edge have been added to the gallery which saw Matthew play the role of Stanley.  I have also added a new interview i have found on the BBC website.


The series follows a black jazz band’s experiences in London in the 1930s. Made up of talented musicians and managed by the compassionate yet short-tempered Wesley Holt, the band gets a gig at the Imperial Hotel, by the way of the cunning journalist, Stanley Mitchell. They prove to be a hit, and become a success at the hotel. Countless aristocrats—and the Royal Family—ask the band to play at parties. The media rush to interview and photograph the band—including the ambitious American businessman, Walter Masterson and his enthusiastic employee, Julian. The band’s success spirals, they’re being offered record deals. But tragedy strikes, setting off a chain of events that may wreck the band’s career.

BBC Interview

Gallery Links:

Episode 1

Episode 2

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