Downton Abbey: What do you think of Matthew Goode as Lady Mary's potential new love interest?

After almost two series of flitting between Tony Gillingham and Charles Blake’s affections, Lady Mary is finally moving on.

Tonight’s Downton Abbey Christmas special saw Matthew Goode star as a friend of the Atticus family Henry Talbot. And he looks like he has the potential to be Mary’s next squeeze.

The eldest Crawley sister, who has been more than a little unlucky-in-love of late, was introduced to dashing gentleman Henry Talbot while shooting with Lady Rose’s new in-laws. He then spun her around the dancefloor with ease before impressing her by seeing straight through her plan to save Sinderby from Barrow’s scheming.

So Talbot is handsome, sharp and clever. He can keep up with Mary’s wit and dry one-liners AND he drives a “snappy chariot”.

As far as we’re concerned he is a much better match for Mary than Gillingham or Blake. But what do you think?


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