Clip posted on @surana17 tumblr from via @diddleyeye_nat ig :-

They said that they are getting on really well and the chemistry between them in this short video seems to confirm it.

Some pictures from the live video. ¬†All screenshots from Edward Taub’s livestream.

Posted by britgirl on September 30th, 2017 under TV Projects with 2 comment
2 Responses to “Matthew and Teresa Palmer talk to fans”
  1. terry burton Says:

    I love you guys, can not get enough of you just bought all of Matthews movies and watched all the interviews. Very disappointed that he does not have a social media where a woman like me can tell him how to love him being a serious actor and sexy he is. i am on a blog with 7000 women who love him

  2. britgirl Says:

    So glad you have discovered Matthew and this blog. Enjoy the movies and pictures.