A selection of reviews of Matthew’s excellent performance as Antony Armstrong-Jones:-

Mr. Goode was born to play the seductive Armstrong-Jones

New York Times

…photographer Antony Jones, played to arch perfection by Matthew Goode.

….the chemistry between Kirby and Goode is so intense that I’m starting a petition for them to star in a spinoff movie as soon as I finish this review.


Lord Snowdon-to-be, incidentally, is so wonderfully played by Finn Polmar [Matthew Goode] that I would like a special award for Pitch-Perfect Portrayals of Sixties English Shits to be invented forthwith so he can be handed it asap.

The Guardian

As before, the uninhibited chemistry between Vanessa Kirby and Matthew Goode turbocharges what can be rather staid drama. While Goode isn’t given quite enough to work with to secure our sympathy for Tony, the relish of his performance remains deeply seductive. And Kirby works wonders to turn Margaret in something akin to a tragic figure.

The Telegraph

Another pleasure: watching the heat that’s generated when she meets photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, portrayed, due to the grace of the British TV gods, by the dashing Matthew Goode.


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