@matthewhugsdiana on Tumblr has news for you if you are Belgium or near enough to travel there.  Thank you!

Matthew’s film “The Duke” is going to be shown during the Film Festival of Ghent here in Belgium. https://www.filmfestival.be/en/2021/film/the-duke The premiere is on the 13th of October.  

The film director Roger Mitchell was meant to come and promote the film…but he very sadly passed away just days ago on the 22nd of September.   I know the film won’t be released in the UK until Spring next year, so I thought to share the news as this may be of interest?  

Ghent is just a 35 mins train ride away from Brussels. The film is shown over here during the festival from the 13th til the 17th. And apparently will still have a countrywide release afterwards (but no dates yet)  

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