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Lavish Launch for Most Expensive Czech Production

By FNE Staff

Medieval by Petr Jakl

Medieval by Petr Jakl   credit:

CANNES: The long-awaited historical epic Medieval by Petr Jakl, about the independent-minded Bohemian general Jan Zizka, who never lost a battle, had its first screening in the Market and proved to be a spectacular kick off and Cannes opener for Hollywood’s Highland Film Group and its new sales and distribution company The Avenue.

The wide-screen saga had an 11-year journey from page to sound stage for Prague-based writer,producer, actor, director (and Olympic judo champion) Petr Jakl, who navigated COVID delays and secured Ben Foster as the grizzled hero with a supporting cast of Sir Michael Caine, Matthew Goode, Til Schweiger and Karel Roden as various corrupt kings and aristocrats. The film has already sold in most territories and formats, and its budget of  25 million dollars makes it probably the most expensive independent film made in Europe.
Jakl’s previous film was a found footage feature The Ghoul shot in Ukraine, which became the top-grossing horror film released in the Czech Republic (beating The Exorcist).
“I saw it as a kind of Czech Braveheart,” Jakl says “but now the struggles of these warring, corrupt kingdoms, in a time when there were two Popes, seem horribly topical. And the Church and Thrones rode rough-shod over the ordinary people.”
Now Festival Directors and programmers are batting for its public bow, ahead of a premiere in Prague which is pencilled in for 8 September 2022.
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