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The Wine Show is back and this time were based in the glorious South of France. Matthew Goode is joined at the sun-drenched Provenal villa by, actor James Purefoy. In addition to tasting the wines brought back from around the globe, they are tasked by Joe Fattorini to find a case of wine to match a six course French lunch cooked by Michelin starred chef, Stephane Reynaud. But this year, Joe is not judging. Jancis Robinson, the worlds most influential wine critic, decides which wines make it to the Wine Show Case. And she is taking no prisoners Matthew and James journey all over southern France to find their wines. Their mission involves kayaking and caving in the Ardeche, rounding up bulls on horseback in the Camargue, baking in Lyon and even cooking their own lunch in the sweltering kitchens of the legendary Palme DOr restaurant in Cannes. And our old friend Matthew Rhys is also busy. Hes back in the UK exploring gadgets old and new in the glorious setting of 17th century Berry Brothers & Rudd in Londons St Jamess. Amelia Singer and Joe find out how the local sheriff is helping with the labour shortage in Mendocino county, new presenter Jaega Wise heads to Japan to learn about Sake. Jaega also joins Joe in a very festive Munich to find out why that city can lay claim to being just as much a wine destination as a beer mecca. New wine region British Columbia, Canada gets a visit from Joe and Amelia too. The Medoc Marathon is run by Joe Fattorini with adventure runner Jamie Ramsay in fancy dress. Joe heads to Georgia to find out if this countrys claim to be the cradle of wine is true. Hes in Bosnia to find out how winemaking is healing wounds in a war torn and still fragile country and visits San Sebastian in Spain on a mission to find wines for that citys oldest gastronomic society. But Joes biggest challenge is in the first show where he heads to California to try and convince wine-hater comedian Gina Yashere (The Daily Show) that there is a wine she will like. But Gina has a surprise of her ownand Joe has 24 hours to perfect a five-minute set of wine jokes which he must perform at the toughest comedy club in Los Angeles.


Pics – The Wine Show/Sky Vision

Words – Sky Vision – thanks to Caro.



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Short film of Matthew Goode entering the building!

Thanks to daemonsdomain, nataliegee10 and surana17 tumblrs who all posted this!

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Matthew takes a break from filming A Discovery of Witches in Oxford by joining a tour of the Bodliean Library.  Thanks to for sharing!

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Clip posted on @surana17 tumblr from via @diddleyeye_nat ig :-

They said that they are getting on really well and the chemistry between them in this short video seems to confirm it.

Some pictures from the live video.  All screenshots from Edward Taub’s livestream.

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Some pictures of Matthew on set – credits on the pictures.

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Matthew will play Matthew Clairmont in Bad Wolf’s production of A Discovery of Witches!

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Deborah Harkness where she talks about the casting:-

Was Matthew Goode someone you ever thought of when you writing? Were you a fan of his from his previous work?
I am a huge fan of his because I am really struck, when I look at his body of work, by the extraordinary range of roles he’s played, both on television and on film. That takes a certain kind of courage and integrity as an actor to be able to do that. Of course when I started writing it was 2008, so Matthew Goode was quite a bit younger than he is now. The reality is, decades can pass between a book being written and it being made into a television show or a film. I had very clear visions of them in my mind, but I really resisted the casting urge. And then come to the moment, Matthew Goode is the perfect age to play this character, he is so perfect in every way — hearing him say the lines, watching him act with Teresa, the layers of meaning he brings to it; it’s astonishing. When we got to the moment when we were casting, I said, “What about Matthew Goode?” I will take credit for saying, “He would be perfect, he is my Matthew, he would be great.” For him to be available, for him to be willing to take on the role, all of those things, it was almost too good to be true and you sort of have to pinch yourself.

Yeah, I mean he has an appreciation of wine just like the character as evidenced by his television series with Matthew Rhys.
I know — it’s uncanny, is what it is. Again, it’s like having Bad Wolf make a book by Harkness into a show. He is absolutely perfect for it in every respect. And he’s a damn good actor. I mean really, he is a damn good actor. And what I always say to my readers, they say, who do you want to play the role? And I say, “a good actor” and I got it in spades with Matthew Goode.

With both him and Teresa, what most excites you about them? And what clinched it for you with the two of them?
Well, with Matthew it really was a combination of knowing his work, knowing the range of his work, the complexity of characters he brought to the screen. Obviously, physically he’s very like the character. And again just being able to really envision him inhabiting that role, that was the clincher. Teresa, similarly, I had seen in her Hacksaw Ridge, and I had been really struck by her performance. I was shocked that she was Australian because she was such a convincing American. Obviously that was a period piece, so seeing pictures of her today in a contemporary sort of setting, I was just so struck by her warmth and her intelligence and her vivacity. I could just immediately see her as Diana. She has this amazing range and this quiet authority in the way that she performs. And she just lives inside her characters and quite difficult moments and quite intense moments. Then I saw a chemistry reel — it was just breathtaking to see them acting a very, very small scene with no props, nothing around them, just the strength of their own acting abilities. I was absolutely clear they were the right pair to play Matthew and Diana.


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Matthew has been filming Ordeal by Innocence this summer.  This will be aired around christmas this year in the UK.

‘Matthew Goode plays Phillip Durrant, the boorish husband of Mary. A once decorated fighter pilot, Philip lost the use of his legs in a car accident after the war. He suffers the long-term effects of his injuries with the assistance of the morphine needle and the whiskey bottle.’

Behind the scenes pic from the Daily Mail: –


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