‘Off the Table’ campaign posted this on Instagram and Facebook –



✨️ You may recognise some of these #offthetable supporters..! ✨️

One of our wonderful supporting restaurants, The Meikleour Arms in Perthshire, had a very special front of house team join them this week to help promote #offthetable. Actors Dominic West, @thejimmurray, Matthew Goode and @burngorman1 were enjoying a break in Tayside and were delighted to find a hotel which did not serve farmed salmon…

It’s great to see these household names joining our #offthetable community to raise awareness of the environmental, welfare and sustainability issues surrounding the industry, encouraging other restaurants to take farmed salmon #offthetable too.

Is there a restaurant near you that you think should join the movement? Let them know by tagging them in the comments 👇


>> Off the table is powered by @wildfishcons <<

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We’re holding off on posting anything that will spoil the plot but we will just highlight this from ‘Variety’ –

When asked why they cast Goode, Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin alternate describing the actor as “imposing,” “beautiful” and “charismatic,” with a “gravitas” they knew the character needed to have the necessary impact for the ending. The actor shot on the final day of production, when the main set had already been caked in layers of blood, guts and viscera.

“He walked into this room covered in fucking blood and was like, ‘Okaaaaaay — so what am I doing?’” Bettinelli-Olpin says with a laugh. “We were like, ‘There is no ceiling. We will tell you if it’s too much. Let’s just take some swings here.’ Man, Matthew gave it a 100% for that day.”

“Melissa had kind of primed him,” Gillett says. “He had asked her, having read the script, ‘What is this fucking movie? What is the tone of this thing? What have I gotten myself into?’ And Melissa was like, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just do the weirdest, craziest thing that you can think of and they’ll love it and it’ll be great.’ And he did.”


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Abigail (2024 Movie) | Universal Pictures

Matthew has a memorable cameo role towards the end of the movie.


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Sara Maude spotted Matthew filming and got some great pictures that she shared in a post on her Facebook.  Thank you to Sara for permission to share these.




Edinburgh Live asks Sara about her encounter with Matthew –

Edinburgh locals bump into Hollywood actor as he films Netflix show in Portobello

Matthew Goode, star of Downton Abbey and numerous big budget Hollywood films, was in the Edinburgh suburb of Portobello filming the new Netflix show Department Q

Matthew Goode delighted Portobello residents by stopping to take pictures

Actor in Portobello

(Image: Sara Maude)

Portobello residents got quite the surprise on Monday morning when they spotted a Hollywood movie star shooting a new project on the promenade.

Matthew Goode, star of movies such as Watchmen, Downton Abbey and The King’s Man, was in town filming for new Netflix TV show Department Q.

The series, which is an adaptation of a Danish crime thriller, has been in production throughout Edinburgh for the last couple of months. Residents of the city’s west end previously watched on in awe as a stunt driver completed a scene in Melville Street.

The famous star was in good spirits and happily stopped to pose for pictures and chat with fans in front of the windswept beach.

One Portobello local, Sara Maude, 45, was brave enough to ask if she could take a snap with the actor, and told Edinburgh Live it was a fantastic experience.

Sara, who helps women meet their true loves, told us: “I had no idea Matthew was in Porty filming. I live in Portobello and had gone for a run down the prom, I saw the cameras and a lot of people milling about.

“I was curious what the buzz was about but I initially just ran by and didn’t pay much attention. On the way back I spotted Matthew Goode and my heart skipped a beat! I absolutely love him and I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey, I’ve even visited Highclere Castle several times. In fact, my close friends and family call me Lady Mary.

“I absolutely had to get a picture with him, and I believe if you don’t ask you don’t get! He was an absolute delight, warm, friendly and down to earth – a true gent. To me, he is a sex god, and I was delighted to share that with him.”

Production on Department Q will continue in Edinburgh, with the show having an expected Q2 2025 release date.

[Edinburgh Live]

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‘Freud’s Last Session’ opens in Australia this week.  Sharmill Films (Australian distributor) have posted some new stills on their socials  –





[All images from Sharmill Films Social Media]

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Collider has published details of their set visit to ‘Abigail’.  Full article here – https://collider.com/abigail-set-visit/

Alisha Weir on the poster for Abigail

We thought this extract might interest Goode fans –

As this is a reimagining of Dracula’s Daughter, you may be wondering: where the hell is Dracula? The identity of the actor playing him and how large a part he’ll have in the film was kept very much under wraps during our set visit. In the film, we know that he is an extremely wealthy underground crime boss, making Abigail the perfect target for a ransom. Via Zoom, Bettinelli-Olpin likened his presence to The Usual Suspects‘ Keyser Söze. “He’s a big part of the story. His presence is like the shadow that kind of just goes over everything that’s happening.” Alisha Weir also teased more details about her character’s relationship with her father, saying that the two have a complicated cast that will unfold over the film’s runtime. Beyond that, Dracula is still kept under lock and key inside a stuffy coffin, and we’ll just have to wait and see. While no one has confirmed the identity of the actor playing the iconic vampire, it’s important to note that Matthew Goode’s name has appeared on the cast list since our set visit… [Collider]

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A few recent interviews and articles have been added to the Press Archive.   http://matthew-goode.net/press-archive/press-archive-for-2024/

The latest one from Luxury London has some more Hackett pictures by Tom Craig –

matthew goode hackett matthew goode hackett
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