The Hatton Garden Job opens in the UK on April 14th and the trailer is looking good.

The Express UK posted an exclusive clip yesterday that features Matthew –

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Michelle Dockery spilled the beans that Matthew will appear in Godless later this year.

Your former Downton Abbey co-star Matthew Goode is also in the film.

We keep crossing paths, me and Matthew! He’s also in Godless, for Netflix which comes out at the end of the year and also we were in a film called Selfless where we don’t cross paths, and we don’t cross paths in this, but we did in Downton Abbey. I feel like it’s a good sign—if Matthew is in the same projects as I am, I’m doing something right.

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Tonight’s instalment of Downton Abbey might just see Lady Mary getting hot under her lacy collar.
Yep, after a string of episodes which have seen her frown, pout, play around with pigs and witness other people’s nuptials, romance could well be back on the cards. Because Henry Talbot is back…
Don’t remember him? He’s only the charming, quick witted and rather good looking chap Mary bumped into at Brancaster during the Christmas episode.
“When it comes to romance there’s not much going on in that department, until Henry Talbot turns up,” says Michelle Dockery. “He’s happens to be the nephew of Lady Shackleton, so that’s how we comes in to the story.”

It’s not like they’ll be skipping off down the aisle soon. (Mary’s not one to make hasty romantic decisions, after all…) But he is basically Mary’s perfect man, asides from the fact that he has never money nor social standing…

“Mary was instantly attracted to Henry at the end of series five. He intrigues her but she’s put off by his lifestyle and the fact that he’s a racing car driver,” Dockery explains. “His lack of wealth is a bit of an issue but it’s mainly his racing that is getting in the way because of how she lost Matthew.

“But she’s a rebel at heart and Henry is also a rebel and she’s attracted to that in him,” she adds.

So what can we expect from this Sunday’s episode?

According to the show, “a flirtation between him and Mary strikes up when he comes to Downton as a guest of his aunt.”

“Without money or position, Henry struggles to persuade Mary to consider him as the next love of her life, but he is in fact more in control of their relationship than Mary would care to admit, even to herself.”

We’d better start shopping for a hat…

Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV


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Turns out The Good Wife will be downtwo full-time cast members when it returns this fall: Matthew Goode will not be back as a series regular in Season 7, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Goode’s exit follows the departure of Archie Panjabi, who made her final appearance as Kalinda in the May 10 finale. However, while it’s unlikely Panjabi will resurface in the near future, I’m told there’s a chance Goode could make a guest appearance or two.

Goode joined The Good Wife as attorney Finn Polmar during the second half of Season 5, in the wake of Josh Charles’ swan song as Will. He returned this past season as a full-fledged regular.

The actor’s status change was hinted at in the aforementioned season-ender, which saw Finn reject Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) offer to join her nascent law firm.

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Downton Abbey: What do you think of Matthew Goode as Lady Mary's potential new love interest?

After almost two series of flitting between Tony Gillingham and Charles Blake’s affections, Lady Mary is finally moving on.

Tonight’s Downton Abbey Christmas special saw Matthew Goode star as a friend of the Atticus family Henry Talbot. And he looks like he has the potential to be Mary’s next squeeze.

The eldest Crawley sister, who has been more than a little unlucky-in-love of late, was introduced to dashing gentleman Henry Talbot while shooting with Lady Rose’s new in-laws. He then spun her around the dancefloor with ease before impressing her by seeing straight through her plan to save Sinderby from Barrow’s scheming.

So Talbot is handsome, sharp and clever. He can keep up with Mary’s wit and dry one-liners AND he drives a “snappy chariot”.

As far as we’re concerned he is a much better match for Mary than Gillingham or Blake. But what do you think?


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Benedict Cumberbatch is justifiably getting most of the attention for his performance as Enigma Code breaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. But he gets solid support from some of the UK’s best actors, many of whom play other cryptologists working in secret at Bletchley Park to crack the code and thus help end the Second World War.

For Matthew Goode, who plays Hugh Alexander, a world-class chess champion brought in to lead the Bletchley team, the role posed a challenge. How do you create a real character when so much about the man is still classified information?

“Most of us struggled to find stuff out about our characters,” says Goode during the film’s busy press day at TIFF.

“Benedict had more to draw upon, because there’s more stuff written down, but I didn’t find out a huge amount about Hugh. The remaining people who had worked at Bletchley didn’t want to talk about it. That’s amazing, because they weren’t military people; they were civilians who gave up huge amounts of time and effort in their lives. Seventy years later, there’s still this spirit of its being a national secret.”

Goode’s suave, flirtatious Alexander is very different from the asocial, nearly autistic Turing, and the actor – who comes across as an extrovert in conversation – enjoyed that contrast.

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