Thanks to The Wine Show for responding to our request to post these on You Tube because they are not being shown on Channel 5!

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We might get to see Matthew in this after all after the BBC shelved it due to allegations against an actor in the cast. They are replacing the actor concerned with Christian Cooke who starred in Cemetery Junction with Matthew – so all goode.


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A princess who rhymes with peril

The standout episode this year is titled Beryl—a nickname Princess Margaret uses while signing a mirror with a conveniently kept diamond—and it is primarily an episode about having a picture taken. Cecil Beaton, photographer and chronicler of royal faces that shine forth with dreamy otherworldliness, is trying to take Margaret’s portrait, and she can’t stand the stuffiness, or the best-case scenario that she’ll look like her mother. “No one wants complexity or reality from us,” the Queen Mother assures, before Beaton breaks into a daft soliloquy about a fictitious woman who lives in strife and who, on seeing the picture of a dolled-up princess in the papers, will break out the “new neckerchief” she has saved up for and walk out “renewed”. Churchill might have approved of this idealized depiction of iconography, but Margaret is a harsher critic.

She is also a lonely girl. Played with an effervescent uncertainty and self-protecting bitterness by the stunning Vanessa Kirby, Margaret is a woman wanting love and—despite her drily voiced disdain—conventional happiness. This episode, directed again by Caron, approaches that all-powerful yearning for cliché via a heady take on romantic-comedy tropes, frequently even leaning on the works of the writer Richard Curtis: Meetings and conversations take place at various wedding parties, like in Four Weddings And A Funeral, and some scenes requiring an incredibly famous woman to hobnob outside her circle do borrow from Notting Hill. Princess Margaret is arching her immaculate eyebrow at those-too-cool-to-get-up-and-greet-her when she finds her Manic Photographer Dream Boy.

Antony Armstrong-Jones, who insists on being called Tony, is played by Matthew Goode as the rake to end all rakes, a photographer so damnably cool that he can’t often be bothered to look through his camera while taking a picture. He stares, instead, at the subject before forcing his intrusive personality upon her. Margaret finds herself thrilled even as she can see through his act—she chastises him for a routine she calls “too practised, too well-oiled”—while he keeps upping the ante. To her, this ridiculous man, one who authoritatively slides her dress off her shoulders or makes a show of appreciating her posterior while she looks at him in the mirror, is what she herself wants to be: the ultimate provocateur.


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Friday 12th January 7pm Channel 5.

‘Re-incarnated from its previous existence on ITV4, this entertaining series finds new life in Channel 5’s “Gadget Show slot”.  Wine doesn’t get enough airtime so it’s nice to see actors Matthew Goode and Matthew “don’t give me sweet wine” Rhys back.  This time their ranks are swelled by James Purefoy and Jancis Robinson.

The team venture from their base in the south of France to source wines to accompany a lunch by Michelin-starred chef Stephane Reynaud…. How they were persuaded to take part in this nightmare is anyone’s guess.   For those not sick of wine after the Christmas indulgence, this’ll be a welcome thirst-quencher.’

Radio Times

[Pic – The Wine Show]

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A selection of reviews of Matthew’s excellent performance as Antony Armstrong-Jones:-

Mr. Goode was born to play the seductive Armstrong-Jones

New York Times

…photographer Antony Jones, played to arch perfection by Matthew Goode.

….the chemistry between Kirby and Goode is so intense that I’m starting a petition for them to star in a spinoff movie as soon as I finish this review.


Lord Snowdon-to-be, incidentally, is so wonderfully played by Finn Polmar [Matthew Goode] that I would like a special award for Pitch-Perfect Portrayals of Sixties English Shits to be invented forthwith so he can be handed it asap.

The Guardian

As before, the uninhibited chemistry between Vanessa Kirby and Matthew Goode turbocharges what can be rather staid drama. While Goode isn’t given quite enough to work with to secure our sympathy for Tony, the relish of his performance remains deeply seductive. And Kirby works wonders to turn Margaret in something akin to a tragic figure.

The Telegraph

Another pleasure: watching the heat that’s generated when she meets photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, portrayed, due to the grace of the British TV gods, by the dashing Matthew Goode.


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