Actor Matthew Goode nearly turned down the best role of his career because he was concerned about his other half, Sophie, seeing his sex scenes.

‘It’s not very nice for her having to watch me. It’s not fair to her,’ Matthew told me.

But Sophie gave him her blessing — and, at only two, their daughter Matilda is far too young to be allowed to watch what her daddy gets up to in Burning Man, which has its world premiere in  Toronto tomorrow night.

Burning Man is set in Sydney, and follows chef Tom (played by Matthew), who’s at a dangerous crossroads in his life. Tom has a family and his private life has become chaotic.

That’s as much as I’m giving away, because  director Jonathan Teplitzky deliberately, and  deliciously tantalisingly, unfolds the story at his own beautiful pace.

The movie has moments of incredible humour and a few of aching heartbreak.

Matthew admits he was scared of not being able to go to the emotional depths the part requires. But there are no worries there — he delivers the best performance of his career so far.

He’s certainly not the upper-class type he played in the film version of Brideshead Revisited or in Woody Allen’s Match Point.

‘Tom’s a screwed-up individual when you first meet him, but then it all falls into place,’ Matthew explained.

He will next star (possibly with Chiwetel Ejiofor, but the deal’s not finalised) in the new Stephen Poliakoff drama for BBC2, Dancing On The Edge.

The drama will follow a black jazz band in Thirties London.

Recently, I incorrectly had Mark Strong playing Matthew’s role in Dancing On The Edge. I had my actors mixed up, so apologies.

Meanwhile, we’re no doubt going to be hearing more about the hot Burning Man.

Source: Daily Mail
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