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Over the weekend, I watched Cemetery Junction and Brideshead Revisited. I have added Cememtery Junction captures to the gallery, I still need to sort through the Brideshead Revisited Captures, as there are alot of them.  In Cemetery Junction, Matthew plays Freddie’s mentor Mike Ramsey.

In 1970s Britain, three friends spend their days joking, drinking, fighting and chasing girls. Freddie (Christian Cooke) wants to leave their working-class world but cool, charismatic Bruce (Tom Hughes) and lovable loser Snork (Jack Doolan) are happy with life the way it is. When Freddie gets a new job as a door-to-door salesman and bumps into his old school sweetheart Julie (Felicity Jones), the gang are forced to make choices that will change their lives forever. Freddie gets a job working for Julie’s dad (Ralph Fiennes) selling life insurance.

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