Tonight’s instalment of Downton Abbey might just see Lady Mary getting hot under her lacy collar.
Yep, after a string of episodes which have seen her frown, pout, play around with pigs and witness other people’s nuptials, romance could well be back on the cards. Because Henry Talbot is back…
Don’t remember him? He’s only the charming, quick witted and rather good looking chap Mary bumped into at Brancaster during the Christmas episode.
“When it comes to romance there’s not much going on in that department, until Henry Talbot turns up,” says Michelle Dockery. “He’s happens to be the nephew of Lady Shackleton, so that’s how we comes in to the story.”

It’s not like they’ll be skipping off down the aisle soon. (Mary’s not one to make hasty romantic decisions, after all…) But he is basically Mary’s perfect man, asides from the fact that he has never money nor social standing…

“Mary was instantly attracted to Henry at the end of series five. He intrigues her but she’s put off by his lifestyle and the fact that he’s a racing car driver,” Dockery explains. “His lack of wealth is a bit of an issue but it’s mainly his racing that is getting in the way because of how she lost Matthew.

“But she’s a rebel at heart and Henry is also a rebel and she’s attracted to that in him,” she adds.

So what can we expect from this Sunday’s episode?

According to the show, “a flirtation between him and Mary strikes up when he comes to Downton as a guest of his aunt.”

“Without money or position, Henry struggles to persuade Mary to consider him as the next love of her life, but he is in fact more in control of their relationship than Mary would care to admit, even to herself.”

We’d better start shopping for a hat…

Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV


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