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Ordeal by Innocence has been dubbed the “best show on TV” as viewers rave about the Agatha Christie adaptation following its debut episode.

The new BBC drama, which was meant to be released in December last year, is centred around the mysterious murder of Rachel Argyll (played Anna Chancellor), a rich philanthropist and mother to five adopted children.

Set at an estate on the Scottish coast, the show kicked off with her lifeless body being discovered, before quickly turning the attention to her seedy family members.

Naturally, the relatives became suspects in Rachel’s murder and viewers soon found themselves gripped as the story unfolded.

Rushing to Twitter to share their excitement about the new drama series, one user wrote: “That was bleeding brilliant.”

“Ordeal by Innocence is already the best thing on Easter television by a country mile,” another added.

A third said: “Ordeal by Innocence this is going to be my new favourite drama! So hooked first episode! Loving the cast, can’t wait for next Sunday now.”

Others shared their relief about the show finally airing, with one fan writing: “Love Ordeal by Innocent. Worth waiting for!”

“Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence @BBCOne @agathachristie bl***y brilliant! Worth waiting for,” penned another.

Meanwhile, some expressed their dismay at having to wait an entire week to watch the second episode instead of over three days this Easter holiday.

One tweeted: “It was great! Such a pity it’s not on three consecutive nights though. Don’t want to wait till next Sunday. No idea ‘whodunnit’…”

Another raged: “Absolutely FURIOUS I’ve got to wait till next week for the next Ordeal by Innocence. Perfect Easter viewing.”

Ordeal by Innocence was set for release on Boxing Day last year, but was pushed back after sexual assault allegations were made against Ed Westwick, who played Mickey Argyll.

The actor denied the claims but producers decided to reshoot scenes with replacement actor, Christian Cooke.

He stars alongside Alice Eve, Crystal Clark, Bill Nighy, Matthew Goode, Ella Purnell, Eleanor Tomlinson, Anna Chancellor, and Luke Treadaway.

Bill admitted the show would be somewhat gruesome, saying the drama series was “pretty dark”.

“There’s a degree of psychological drama going on so it’s not just about wondering, ‘Is it Mrs Whatshername in the library?’ It’s pretty dark stuff!” he told TV Times.

He added: “Revisiting the murder explodes the household. The relationships within the house are very complicated and there are some strong feelings on the loose.

“Hopefully the audience will bounce around wondering who is guilty and be completely convinced it must be him or her. Agatha Christie was very good at that.”

Ordeal By Innocence continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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