A discovery of witches – Il backstage

Un tempo il mondo era pieno di meraviglie ma ora appartiene solo agli umani. Noi creature siamo quasi sparite. Demoni, vampiri e streghe… si nascondono in bella vista”. Noi abbiamo raggiunto le nostre streghe e vampiri preferiti sul set di Verona, ma voi stasera alle 21.15 non perdetevi #ADiscoveryOfWitches – Il manoscritto delle streghe.

Posted by Sky Atlantic Italia on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Many thanks to @di-elle on Tumblr for translating this interview for fans.  Transcript is below –

The interview translated :

First question: describe s1.

Teresa: it was fun!

Matthew: filming it was fantastic. It’s a fantasy, she is a witch, I’m a vampire, they’re not supposed to be together.

Teresa: star crossed lovers.

Matthew: exactly, very. Thwarted love. We’ll get into trouble, involving others , daemons, magic…

Teresa : vampires…

Second question: vampires and witches don’t usually get along in fantasy literature. What happens here?

Matthew: we’re not supposed too, in this case destiny intervenes.

Teresa: a strong love.

Matthew: we don’t really like each other in the beginning …

Teresa: yes, that’s right!

Matthew : as happens to many couples!

(they laugh)

Third question about Italian locations.

Teresa: yes, we’ve been to the Dolomites last week, and we even went to sky, no wait…

Matthew: that’s season2!

Teresa: I shouldn’t talk about it!

Matthew: in s1 my castle, Sept Tours , is in France, but we love this country, and we chose an Italian castle instead.

Teresa: and we love the Italian crew. It was great to work with them again. We love being here.

Fourth question: s1 is set in Oxford , in present days , but now you’re wearing amazing period costumes. What is going to happen?

Matthew: (joking) I’m working on a Xmas play, 4 shows in December, we’re rehearsing very hard for it, she is helping me.

Teresa: no! (Laughs)

Matthew: we travel back in time!

Teresa: to 1590, in Elizabethan London, you need to read the books, and come back to watch season 2. I don’t know when it will premiere…

Matthew: me neither…

Teresa: … but we have fabulous new costumes. I’m wearing corsets. And look at him, how dashing.

Matthew: you can’t imagine how much time I need to go to the bathroom.

Host: I don’t want to know. But first, there’s season 1 for Italian viewers.

Teresa: enjoy the first season!

Matthew: have fun!



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