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Bletchley Park played a major role in WW2, producing secret intelligence which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of the war. Those working the Hut 6 night shift were amongst the first to learn of Germany’s surrender. On VE Day 1945 a memo was sent out from the Stewart Graham Menzies, MI6 chief and Director-General of the Government Code and Cypher School, thanking the Codebreakers and staff whose fundamental work during the war should never be forgotten. We asked actor Matthew Goode, who played Hugh Alexander in The Imitation Game, if he would read the memo as a message of thanks to the Bletchley Park Veterans and the resilience of our country through the most difficult of times. He kindly obliged. There was also a letter from John Herival, dated 10 July 1945, to his team of Codebreakers. Herivel was one of the talented mathematicians recruited early in the war and stayed at Bletchley Park from January 1940 until October 1945. Though reminding the staff at Bletchley Park of the Official Secrets Act, he acknowledges the vital work they did and, with remarkable foresight, suggests that one day in the future their story would be told. Bletchley Park Trust would like to thank Matthew Goode for this kind and generous gesture. #BletchleyParkVEDay75 #VEDay75


“This is your finest hour.” Tune in at 10am on Friday 8 May for a special #VEDay75 message from Matthew Goode, who played Hugh Alexander in #TheImitationGame. Watch the premiere on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel

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