The Deadline ‘Contenders’ television event on Saturday [9th April] featured ‘The Offer’.


Sadly no Matthew Goode on the panel but Anthony D’Alessandro [Editorial Director of Deadline] made sure Goodey got some love for his work.  I did a rough transcript of the main points of the discussion with Nikki Toscano [Exec Producer and Writer of ‘The Offer’] about Matthew.

Anthony:  “We can’t walk away today without talking about how very good Matthew Goode is.  I mean as Robert Evans he had me at the glasses.  How did you know he could pull it off?  I mean how does this happen?….”

Nikki: “Yes, Matthew is absolutely incredible. I think that when we were having these original casting conversations…  It was finding somebody who could capture,… not only is Matthew incredibly good looking but on top of it, the charisma of Robert Evans. So… we had him in mind.  We had no idea though that he was going to bring this level of performance.   He wasn’t impersonating Robert Evans, he was truly capturing his essence and you feel it in his performance.”

Anthony: “There will be a Robert Evans Paramount + mini-series right?  Tell me there will be?” 

Nikki: *Laughs*  “We’ll see.”


? Screenshots from live stream.

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