There are only a few reviews available so far but we’ve picked some highlights about Matthew Goode’s performance from the reviews that we’ve seen –

Anthony Hopkins And Matthew Goode Deliver Sterling Performances In Intelligent And Heady Drama

Hopkins is once again, you guessed it, awards worthy. What a complete pleasure it continues to be to watch this great actor at the top of his game. Goode is equally fine, even with the less showy role as he perfectly balances Hopkins as well as Moore, his frustrated lover.



Ace Turns by Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode

The conversations between the doctor and the don remain stimulating, and the two central performances add to the electricity…

Goode has inhabited a range of roles in such films as Downton Abbey, The Imitation Game, Match Point and The Lookout (in which he made a scary villain). Here, he’s convincing as an intellectual who clearly admires Freud and sincerely wants to help him find consolation. 

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This is pretty heady material for mass audience entertainment, one that could only work with actors as skilled as Hopkins and Goode. In many ways, Lewis, with his defense of God’s mercy (even as he is suffering from PTSD from WWI), is the more challenging role. An unassuming man, Goode’s Lewis is immediately questioned by his intellectual host, and it’s a joy to see Goode marshaling his strength to go toe-to-toe with the great Freud (and, by extension, the great Hopkins, as well)…

Still, the opportunity to see actors of this quality flex with roles this complex should not be taken lightly. Even if the vehicle that delivers them to us can be wobbly at times, their remarkable work will be the elements for which “Freud’s Last Session” will be remembered for some time to come…

Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode are in top form in this imagined meeting between a dying Sigmund Freud and the writer C.S. Lewis, where they battle over the existence of God and the promise of an afterlife.

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Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode are commendable in their roles as, respectively, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and author C.S. Lewis….

Hopkins has the right weathered look for Freud, who is battling oral cancer, the Oscar-winner giving the iconic doctor a feisty, belittling attitude as he toys with the slightly intimidated younger man. Modest but refusing to back down, Lewis is soft-spoken and unguarded – although Goode relishes the moments his character effectively counter-punches, temporarily knocking the arrogant Freud back on his heels…

Hopkins’ playful surliness and Goode’s debonair wit make for some fun sparring

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Freud and Lewis would still be having these arguments if they were alive today, and it packs a punch. Of course, most of that is due to Hopkins and Goode… 

It’s not an insult to Goode to say it’s a pleasant surprise to see him match Hopkins beat for beat. It merely seals his future knighthood. 

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